Is premium gas worth the investment? Maybe.

By Product Expert | Posted in Mazda, Mazda CX-9 on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 at 2:16 pm
A stock photo of a gas pump with several grades of gasoline.

Should I be using premium gasoline in my Mazda car or crossover SUV?

Have you ever pulled up to the gas pump and wondered what those different numbers mean next to the prices? Well, those numbers are that fuel’s octane rating. Octane is a fuel additive that helps keep the fuel stable and prevent the engine from knocking. This knocking sound is actually the fuel spontaneously igniting which can cause engine damage in the long term. If you’ve been wondering, ‘Should I be using premium gasoline in my Mazda car or crossover SUV,’ the maintenance experts at Gwatney Mazda of Germantown have the answers. If you have any questions about the best way to take care of your vehicle, please stop by our maintenance department today. We’re happy to help.

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Every modern Mazda vehicle for sale or lease in our showroom is designed to perform just fine with regular grade gasoline. The implementation of special fuel sensors in the engine makes imperceptible adjustments to make sure your vehicle is always operating as efficiently as possible. The most important thing to know about the kind of fuel to use is quality. Buying gas from reputable places will ensure that everything will work as it should.

Are they any Mazda vehicles that require premium gas?

The vast majority of Mazda vehicle available at Gwatney Mazda of Germantown will do just fine with regular grade gasoline. There are a few models that can get a bit extra power from filling up with premium. The most common example that springs to mind is the Mazda CX-9, choosing premium gas can yield an additional 25 horsepower.

What happens if I use the wrong grade?

If any vehicle calls for premium gas and regular is mistakenly used, or vice versa – don’t worry. You likely haven’t caused any major damage. Using regular gas in lieu of premium might cause a temporary drop in performance output or fuel economy. But it’s nothing that can’t be fixed by paying more attention during the next visit to the gas station.

Is your vehicle metaphorically running on empty? Is it time for something new? Gwatney Mazda of Germantown has something that will meet your needs. Schedule an appointment with one of our product experts today.

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